3 Day Classic & Volume Lash Training

Introducing PrimeBeauty Intl's 3 DAY MANSION DUO LASH TRAINING & RETREAT!

This Retreat is created for those who would like to join the Beauty Industry or would like to continue their education in the Beauty Industry. 3 days of intense & hands on training. Those who attend will learn the art of Classic, Hybrid, & Volume Lash Extensions. Learn about Lash Health, Santitation, & most importantly how to be a BEAUTY BOSS, plus many many more.

Your Trainer, PrimeBeauty, has been a Certified Lash Technician for over 6 years. Learn from a seasoned professional. Having done over 8 Training Classes, this 3 Day Training has been FINETUNED and is JAMPACKED with EVERYTHING you NEED & NEED to KNOW to start and grow your lash business efficiently & successfully.

Learn everything; proper isolation & placement of extensions, setting up your lash area, vendors, scheduling, best apps, social media marketing, building your website, salon vs work from home, gaining clientele, LLC Do's & Dont's, Business credit, etc

Whats included in this course?

  • 3 Days, 2 nights in 8 bedroom Mansion Located in Reunion, Fl
  • Classic Lash Training
  • Volume Lash Training
  • Hybrid Lash Training
  • Classic & Volume Lash Bible
  • Classic Kit (service 50 clients)
  • Volume Kit (service 50 clients)
  • Massage Chair
  • Ring Light
  • 3 Catered Meals by Private Chef everyday
  • Yoga Every Morning
  • LLC
  • Marketing Seminar
  • Professionalism Seminar
  • Business & Credit Seminar
  • Certificate of Completion

ONLY 11 Seats are Available for this Training! Everyone will have their own room & bathroom for entire stay!

3 Day Itinerary

Day 1:

9am: Meet & Greet

10am: Breakfast

10am-Noon: Select rooms & get comfy

Noon-6pm: Classic Training

2pm-3pm: Lunch

7pm: Dinner

8pm- 10pm: BOSS Seminar w/ Guest Speaker (how to set prices, power of networking, get MOTIVATED, etc)

Free Time: Enjoy amenities such as pool, jacuzzi, theater, gym, etc & practice new learned craft on eachother with Trainers supervision

Day 2:

7am: Yoga

8am-10am: Marketing Seminar w/ Guest Speaker (social media marketing, picture taking, content creating, best Marketing apps, etc)

10am: Breakfast

Noon- 6pm: Volume Training

2pm-3pm: Lunch

7pm: Dinner

8pm-10pm: Professionalism Seminar (how to run your business)

Free Time: Enjoy amenities such as pool, jacuzzi, theater, gym, etc & practice new learned craft on eachother with Trainers supervision

Day 3:

7am: Yoga

8am-10am: Business & Credit Seminar w/ Guest Speaker (build business credit, understanding your LLC, vendor lists, etc)

10am: Breakfast

Noon-2pm: Hybrid Training & Final assessment

2pm: Lunch

3pm: Certificate Ceremony


You will leave this Training & Retreat well EQUIPPED & PREPARED to start taking customers! The mission of this retreat is educate and provide IN DEPTH training to WIN in the BEAUTY INDUSTRY. There's more than enough room for EVERYBODY who is willing to invest in themselves and their future!


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